Frank Wagemans

Achmea Investment Management

Frank Wagemans is senior engagement specialist at Achmea Investment Management. Achmea IM is one of the leading asset managers in the Netherlands. At Achmea IM Frank engages companies on ESG-themes on behalf of Achmea IM and its clients. Frank previously was program manager responsible investment at the VBDO, the Dutch Association of Investors for Sustainable Development, where he lead the yearly benchmark study on responsible investment by Dutch pension funds and worked on themes such as climate change, natural capital and human rights.

Prior to his work for Achmea IM and the VBDO, Frank worked on themes such as renewable energy, water management and climate adaptation at several governmental programs. Frank studied environmental policy at Wageningen University in The Netherlands. Besides his work at Achmea IM Frank is doing a PhD on the impact and effectiveness of responsible investment.