Anne-Marie Hitipeuw

City of the Hague

Anne-Marie Hitipeuw is Senior Strategic Advisor at the City of The Hague’s International Programme. She develops programmes on Big Data for Peace and Humanity, Urban Security and Water Diplomacy. She plays a key role in the activities of the City of The Hague becoming a resilient city, as a member the 100 Resilient Cities Network, initiated by the Rockefeller Foundation.

At the City Planning Department, she developed the policy framework for the urban investment agenda of The Hague and was project manager of The Hague’s Climate Change Adaptation Plan.


Before joining the city of The Hague, Anne-Marie worked for the engineering firm Arup on eco-cities in Beijing and Shanghai. She introduced decision support tools in the urban design process and worked with CBRE and other partners on models for measurement of the sustainability of cities. She gained expertise in the modelling work while working for the Environmental Simulation Center in New York City.

For UN-Habitat, she evaluated the implementation of Local Agenda 21 in Nairobi Kenya. Anne-Marie holds an MSc in Urban Planning from the Technical University of Delft and an MA in Geography from the University Utrecht.