Vivina Berla

Sarona Asset Management

After a first career spent in industry and over 20 years in the institutional investment world, Vivina has now combined her experience and a desire for positive change to join the impact investing world. She spent ten years with Merrill Lynch Investment Managers and then joined Gartmore Investment Management as head of EMEA. Since July 2009, she has lived in Amsterdam and is now managing Sarona and its growth, linking investors ‘capital to entrepreneurs’ needs in Frontier and Emerging Markets, keen for Sarona to achieve Growth that Matters.


Sarona is a committed member of the impact investing community, a leader in the "Blended Finance" space and attaches great importance to GPs’ and companies’ ESG behaviour. Vivina graduated from the London School of Economics and obtained an MBA from the Tuck School of Business in the US.  She is a member of the LSE Court of Governors and Finance Committee.