Peter Borgdorff

Pensioen Zorg en Welzijn

Peter Borgdorff is a seasoned executive who is widely recognised as an authority on pensions. He has spent most of his career in the world of social partners where he is seen as influential. In his current role Peter is responsible of running the second largest pension fund in the Netherlands (2.6 million members and € 156,3 billion AUM), whose pension fund administration and asset management are outsourced to PGGM. He is the chairman of Eumedion (platform of institutional investors; governance, social and environmental issues of Dutch companies),


and member of the Consultative Board of the Dutch Pension Federation. He is also member of the Board of NIBUD (National Institute for Family Finance Information). Since the 8th of October 2014 Peter Borgdorff is nominated as chairman of the Supervisory Board of KAS BANK (an independent European bank, specialized in wholesale securities services).