Karlijn van Lierop


Karlijn van Lierop is Director of Responsible Investment & Governance (RI&G) and in that capacity she is heading the RI&G team at MN. The RI&G team consists of 7 advisors. Karlijn is member of the management team of Fiduciary Advice at MN. Karlijn is responsible for the integration of social, environmental and governance issues in all MN's investment decisions and for advising clients on their strategies regarding Responsible Investments. MN’s policy on Responsible Investment includes exclusion, voting, engagement and impact investment. 

Furthermore MN has a strong commitment to combat climate change and is looking into climate risks. MN is the third largest asset manager in the Netherlands and manages assets worth more than EUR 120 billion for a wide variety of pension funds in the Netherlands. MN and it clients are strongly committed on working on Responsible Investment. The principles of the UNPRI are embedded in MN’s beliefs and processes. Karlijn was member of the UNPRI Steering Committee Water and the UNPRI Steering Committee Sustainable Palm Oil.